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At Zetta Scope, we design places that inspire people and work for our clients over the long term because they balance the needs of the business, occupants and environment.

Conceiving a successful interior design is a collaboration. For some clients, that means developing a design brief from scratch. In all cases, we work closely with you and your team. Our concept designs will be informed by an evaluation of the building, how your people work now, what you need to change and retain, and your corporate brand, values and ethos.


Our aim is never less than optimising your space. Innovative design solutions support agile,

high-performing businesses. Now more than ever in the era of hybrid and flexible, with home working opportunities. Office environment must be attractive to staff and conducive to wellbeing and team-working.

Our consultancy provides a comprehensive design service - including: concept design, technical drawings, furniture and finishes, 3D visuals, and one point of contact throughout the entire project. We ensure all elements of the design are clear and also captured within the cost proposal. By providing price points for key elements, we match the final design to fit your budget without compromising the aesthetics of the space. And we remain involved through the build phase, so what you get is what you’ve seen.

How do we approach sustainability?


From the outset, we are considering the carbon impact of your project and the whole-life cost and value of your interior design. It’s a mindset we’re happy to share. Sustainable choices should be more cost-effective in the long run. A few practical examples:







Juna Margariti is an architectural designer professional

with a decade of experience in the industry.


In her earlier career before founding Zetta Scope,

she worked on some of London’s landmark office

developments on behalf of a major building and

design company.


As well as commercial refurbishment and new-build

projects, Juna’s design work spans multi-unit residential

development and the hospitality sector.


Zetta Scope is guided by Juna’s insights into how people’s surroundings influence the way they and their teams react, interact and perform. The use of space, colour combinations, and furniture and furnishings must be optimised to match the requirements of the users and organisation. She also brings a thorough understanding of the end-to-end process from the marketing phase for landlords/developers through the build to completion.


Juna combines this passion for uplifting and cost-effective design with a genuine commitment to environmental responsibility. Through her work and activities with various organisations, Juna makes the case for sustainable best practice in design.


Close support and practical advice – from concept design development through to occupancy.


A transformed space – with rich materials, vibrant colour schemes and high-quality furniture combining to powerful effect, consistent with your brand and budget.


Attention to detail – not just to design matters, but also planning and coordination with suppliers and contractors.

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Paint and other finishes that are eco-responsible avoid chemicals that can be allergenic to people, affect indoor air quality, and ultimately, harm the wider environment

Durable furniture with removable fabric covers can be revamped rather than replaced in any future makeover

Elements designed to be dismantled and re-used or recycled will have residual value and avoid disposal costs

The Worshipful Company of Constructors

LCAG - Livery Climate Action Group

International Society of British and International Interior Design

British Council for Offices

Alliance for Sustainable Building Products

Environment Fellowship of Rotatians

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The Worshipful Company of Chartered Architects


Forum for the Build Environment


London Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Skills for a sustainable skyline taskforce

“I strive to make the everyday places where people work, meet and live more inspiring and more impactful. Everything I do is grounded in the belief that architectural design can help optimise the performance of people and business.”


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